Audio Visual Blogs for 2020 | Catalyst

Catalyst Companies is proud to announce our exciting audio visual blog about trends, events and news we plan to roll out for 2020.

Audio Visual Blogs for 2020

Ready to take it up a notch in 2020? Is this the year you hope to hit all your professional benchmarks and goals? Looking for a way to make it all come together in the New Year?

If so,  you’ll want to pay attention to the launch of  our new Blog, The Catalyst Communities.  The Catalyst Companies, an audio visual company, knows the corporate event industry is always changing, sometimes faster than we can keep up.  Our blog will strive to educate, entertain, inspire and motivate you in the New Year and the years to come.

“Raising awareness of the AV technology space; cutting through the myths of the audio visual industry and promoting a community in the industry,” are just some of the goals the blog will hope to tackle says Sam Wehrmeyer, The Catalyst Companies CEO/Executive Producer. “We want to take the veil off these often confusing audio visual issues. The planners and their vendors have the same goal: To put on an amazing event. The more informed the planner, the better for all of us in the industry.”

As an audio visual company that provides live event production, live streaming and post production services, we are committed to providing a unique audio visual storytelling to each and every client. With our blog, we hope to further that mission to provide even more inspiration and information  you need to pull off an amazing and impressive experience.

Topics We Cover:

Trends in Corporate Events for 2020

The Greening of Corporate Events: The Sustainability Factor

The Future of AV in Corporate Events

Untraditional Venues in Untraditional Cities

Attracting Enthusiasm from Attendees

Planning a Corporate Event on a Budget

Personalizing Your Corporate Event: Using apps and technology to make the experience more custom to each attendee

Security and Safety at Corporate Events

Event Live Streaming Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Ways to Lower Your Next AV Technology Bill

Pro Tips For Utilizing Social Media at Your Next Event

Interviews with Corporate Event planners like you. We’ll be reaching out to planners to hear about what you see are the top trends for 2020; how a client’s sustainability wishes guide your decisions; your favorite tips and tricks in managing large and small details; your essential planning guides when starting or winding down your planning: and anything that might ignite your passion in your work.

Interviews with The Catalyst Companies’ team members including AV Technicians, who can break down the ins and outs of how they can help make your event stand out.

Have a great idea for an upcoming Blog story?  Let’s engage. Reach out to Catalyst writer Gayle Carter at to weigh in or to be featured in these upcoming stories and to suggest other topics to explore in our new Catalyst Community. Let’s connect.