You deserve a better AV experience.

Events are stressful enough, Audio Visual shouldn’t be a part of that.  Who you work with matters!


Our Solutions

Corporate AV

There is so much more to quality AV than just technology. Check out our philosophy on what a truly better AV experience is and why who you work with matters.

Event Design

From concept to creation, bringing your ideas to life is at the core of our designs. Our goal is to create a space where sound, video, and lighting intersect to inspire people to take action.

Live Streaming

Removing the physical limits of your event and opening it up to a global audience is the true benefit of live streaming. Sound complicated?  Let us show you how easy it can be with Catalyst.

Post Production

We love bringing your story to life. From onsite recaps to event promos and everything in between, we will craft an inspiring video that’s engaging, entertaining, and educational.


Show & Tell

Traffic & Conversion Summit

Every year thousands of the world’s leading marketers attend North America’s largest marketing event, the Traffic and Conversion Summit. Go behind the scenes to learn more about what it takes to produce an event of this scale.

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We believe that you, the customer, deserves a better AV experience! At Catalyst we hold ourselves accountable to getting you results and always strive to exceed your expectations. Click below to see more about who we are!

People Matter

Who you work with matters! A mic is a mic, a speaker is a speaker.  Anyone can use them, but our people are your most valuable asset. Our team is made up of people who embody our values in every way.

Global Possibilities

We have produced events in over 17 countries and counting, so you can rest assured that the quality of your events will remain consistent no matter the location. From London to Luxembourg, Australia to Austin, we’ve got you covered.

Real and Simple

Ever wish you had an easy button for event production? We make switching from your current AV provider as simple as possible while making sure no details slip through the cracks. Let us show you how painless event production can be!

Our Why

This Is Why We Do What We Do
"What I love about these guys is they actually anticipate. They are thinking ahead of things that could come up and coming up with solutions before you even realize that things could be a problem."
Ryan Deiss CEO Digital Marketer
"I can tell you this, if you are someone who cares about having world class events, you NEED to talk to Catalyst!".
Todd Herman CEO 90 Day Year
"I chose Catalyst for one reason. Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. I strongly, strongly recommend them".
Tom Ferry CEO Tom Ferry International 

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Show & Tell

Tom Ferry'S SUCCESS Summit

The #1 ranked real estate coach and a New York Times bestselling author, Tom Ferry has relied on Catalyst for almost a decade to produce his Success Summit. With over 6,000 attendees and more than 75,000 live stream virtual attendees, this is THE real estate event of the year.

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Why Choose Us? We're One of the Top Los Angeles Audio Visual Companies

We will be the last AV production company you’ll ever need to hire! We take the time to learn about your vision and care about your message.

Better Audio Visual Starts Here

We use only the latest and most reliable equipment as the backbone of every live event. Our massive in-house inventory assures that your sound, video, and lighting performs flawless. Catalyst technicians are masters in their crafts, certified in their trade, and are always kind, curious, and helpful! The grumpy AV tech is a thing of the past with Catalyst!

Why Our Audio Visual Company Services Matter

Packaging matters!  The way your event is experienced can make all the difference on how impactful it is to attendees. With this in mind, we work carefully with clients on all aspects of their events. What are your desired sales outcomes?  What are your objectives for the attendee journey at the event?  What is your definition of a successful event?  Knowing these key success indicators allows us to not only create an aesthetically pleasing event, but an impactful delivery that moves people into action.

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