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Recent Posts:
The Ultimate Guide to Flawless Event AV Planning
April 26, 2024

AV technology plays a huge role in shaping the overall atmosphere and tone of an event. Our guide walks you through the essential steps of effective event AV planning to ensure your next event is top notch.

Craft an AV RFP That Gets Results - AV RFP Template
February 26, 2024

A detailed, well-crafted AV RFP is the foundation for your event’s success by clearly conveying needs to guide collaborative solutions.

What Is Event Production?
February 8, 2024

This article will provide an in-depth look at event production, covering types of events, challenges, and success metrics. Understanding production is key for anyone looking to create memorable, stunning events that engage audiences.

Creative Ways To Use A Projector
February 8, 2024

Once just used for basic slideshows, modern projectors are now high-tech innovation hubs. Their ever-evolving capabilities open up endless opportunities to craft engaging, multi-sensory experiences and environments.

What Is AV? The Event Planner's Guide
January 12, 2024

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about AV in your next event. Let’s make technical difficulties a thing of the past.

Finding the Right Speaker: A Guide to Different Types Of Speakers
December 20, 2023

There's more to sound systems than simply ramping up the volume.

How Does A Projector Work?
December 15, 2023

Projectors operate by projecting visual content from a source onto a larger screen. But what internal components enable these devices to take a small signal and blow it up for big-screen viewing?

Virtual Event Ideas: Bring Your Gatherings to the Digital Space
December 15, 2023

Whether you’re planning a virtual conference, fundraising gala, networking event, or company offsite, this guide covers creative virtual event ideas for your next gathering.

All The Different Types of Microphones
October 24, 2023

This guide explores the different types of microphones and their best applications.

Video Wall vs. Projector - What’s The Difference?
October 24, 2023

Whether building a virtual set, ballroom projections or digitizing offices, this guide explores video wall vs projector capabilities so you can deliver stunning experiences.

What is an LED Wall?
October 23, 2023

LED walls are quickly revolutionizing corporate events, concerts, retail, and other live experiences with their stunning visual capabilities.

September 25, 2023

Have you ever wondered why some screens make presentations feel like premieres and others just regular TV shows? Or why do graphics in some videos seem lifelike, while others fall flat? The secret lies in the difference between LED vs. LCD displays. 

Choosing Projector Screen Sizes For An Event
September 25, 2023

The perfect projector screen size varies depending on the type of event you’re hosting. Whether it's a corporate seminar, a wedding slideshow, or an outdoor community movie night, the size of your screen is crucial for a top-notch viewing experience. That’s why we put together this guide. We cover everything you need to know about projector screen sizes, from why size matters to how to measure your screen accurately.

UHD vs HD: A Guide for Event Producers
September 8, 2023

In the fast-paced world of event production, the quality of your visual displays are a defining factor in the success of your event. From live concerts to corporate events, the choice between Ultra High Definition (UHD) and High Definition (HD) significantly impacts your audience's experience.

720p vs 1080p: What’s The Difference?
September 8, 2023

In event production, the quality of visual displays make or break an experience. You might have heard terms like 720p and 1080p thrown around, but what do they mean for your event? These terms are display resolutions that dictate the clarity and impact of video.

25 Walk-Out Songs For Events in 2023
September 7, 2023

The ambiance of an event is shaped by its audiovisual elements. One of the most important is a speaker’s walk out song. Choosing the right song requires an understanding of how you want your audience to feel. What type of emotional response do you want them to have? 

Stage Design Ideas for Your Next Event
September 1, 2023

Stage design is a critical element of event production, shaping the audience's experience and the event's overall impact. A well designed stage captivates your audience, amplifies your message, and blends aesthetics with functionality. From the strategic placement of lighting and A/V equipment to the choice of props and backdrops, each element has a purpose. As you prepare for your next event, understanding the intricacies of stage design is not just an option—it's a necessity.

What Is A Keynote Speaker?
August 15, 2023

A keynote speaker is a professional who delivers the main speech at an event, conference, or gathering.

Types of AV Equipment: Guide for Event Planners
August 1, 2023

Whether it's a corporate conference, a product launch, or a team-building event, AV equipment is the gear that helps you communicate, collaborate, and share information effectively.

The Best Event Venues in Dallas
July 28, 2023

The venue you choose for an event is more than a backdrop. It sets the tone, influences the mood, and ultimately, determines the success of your event. In this guide, we explore different types of event venues, the factors to consider while making a selection, and a step-by-step process to secure the perfect space for your event. 

Types of Corporate Events: Guide for Planners
July 28, 2023

From intimate team-building activities to big trade shows, corporate events help people network, learn, and build a great company culture.

Event Production: What Is It, Really?
July 28, 2023

Event production is all about planning, creating, and running events - from corporate meetings to music festivals. It plays a critical role in creating memorable experiences for anyone attending the event. Let’s explore the key elements of event production, the roles of an event production team, and the future trends in this industry.

Onsite Event Tricks to Use During Quarantine
May 4, 2020

The TCC team has some pointers to get through a successful event that could be useful during these tough times.

2020 Forecast Pt 3: The Most Innovative Client
February 21, 2020

Ways to stay relevant and ahead of the curve

2020 Forecast Pt 2: The Millennial Effect
February 21, 2020

Idea's to keep your younger audience engaged and informed.

2020 Forecast Pt 1:  Focus on Standing Out
February 21, 2020

Here are some ways to stand out with your brand this 2020