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Why You Should Care About Post Production

The final speaker finishes up. The attendees start saying their goodbyes. The crew starts packing up. Your event is finished! Right?


That’s when post production comes in. Sometimes, the most important part of your event is what you do with the footage after it. From onsite recaps,event promos, and more, your event isn’t really over until you’ve reached each and every person who needs to experience your event. Often times, we see companies recording the footage they need for this kind of post production, sending it off to a third party post production company and then never seeing it again.

So, how can you use post production to your advantage? Keep reading and contact us for more information.

  1. MONETIZE YOUR FOOTAGE - Many companies choose to sell the footage from their event. With the post production we do, your event can be watched over and over again and grow your audience exponentially.
  2. MARKET YOUR COMPANY - Footage from your event can help promote your company, upcoming events,and more. Make a teaser for an upcoming event with the best clips from a successful previous event, and use these highlight reels to bring in new attendees and sponsors for your next event.
  3. RE-ANCHOR YOUR ATTENDEES - Use your highlights reel to re-anchor your attendees and remind them of the great event they attended. Sharing the best moments from your successful events is one of the best ways to not only market your company to new attendees, but also to encourage previous attendees to come to your next event

So you’re interested in post production. Why is Catalyst the right post production company for you? Because we know how to design an event from the start to get the perfect footage for post production assets. When you work with an AV company that knows what post production takes, they will be sure to design your event with post production in mind.

We love bringing your story to life. From onsite recaps to event promos and everything in between, we will craft an inspiring video that’s engaging,entertaining, and educational.

At Catalyst, we understand how much your event footage matters. We have backup systems for all our recordings and monitor them throughout the event to be sure they are the highest quality. Missing or inferior footage is never an issue with Catalyst - your footage matters to us.

We want to help produce your event! Give us a call or send us an email at - we’re ready to get started!

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