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How Event Production Companies Can Help You Design the Perfect Event

From concept to creation, bringing your ideas to life is at the core of our designs. Our goal is to create the space where sound, video, and lights intersect and people are inspired to take action, all while accelerating the currency of your brand.

As masters of event production and event design, we know that packaging matters. The way your event is experienced can make all the difference on how impactful it is to attendees. We work carefully with clients on all aspects of their events.

Read on for our top tips for designing the event you want and reach out to us to see how we can help you achieve your dream event.

  1. Know your desired sales outcomes - When you know what the goals of your event are before you start planning it, you can use that information to make your event the most effective and efficient as possible.
  2. Plan out your attendee journey at the event - Before your event, you should be able to walk through what the event experience is like for an attendee. Leave nothing up to chance, and make sure each and every moment of the event has been thought through.
  3. Define what a successful event means to you - Going into event planning with a clear idea of what a successful event means to you means more success and less disappointment. Be upfront with what your goals are and you will succeed.
  4. Think outside the box - A lot of AV companies just throw some stuff up and call it a day, and not a lot of creativity goes into designing the set and the stage. At Catalyst,we’re dedicated to making your event as unique and effective as possible. Don’t settle for an event that gets the job done - push yourself to be creative at every chance you get.
  5. Don’t go it alone! - Get your team in place. Choose an AV provider.  Don’t be tricked into thinking that the in house AV provider is your only option - this is rarely the case.  You can usually get much more bang for your buck by bringing in an outside AV vendor. Then,  determine what event staff you need to put on a great event. Depending on your industry, recruiting interns and college students as ushers or set up labor can be a great option. Otherwise, there area ton of great staffing companies in most large markets.Finally, sponsors are the best way to increase not only the bottom line but engagement with you audience.
  6. Focus on look & feel - The optics and aesthetics of your event are two of the most important things you can address. With good event design, your event will be aesthetically pleasing, efficient, effective, and thus, successful. Don’t skimp on what some people call the “extras.” Use the resources you have to create the very best event you can. This also includes your venue - not all venues are created equal.  Always look at the fine print.  Do they supply staging, chairs,and tables? Do they have exclusives such as caterers, riggers, AV or union contracts? And of course, what is their food and beverage minimum (if any) and what type of room block must you guarantee? Avenue can make or break an event.
  7. Set your marketing team up for success - Make sure they have all the relevant material needed to promote the event. One great hack is to ask the venue for pictures and videos of the property that the marketing team can use in their materials. Promoting your event can be as simple as using your social media accounts to get the word out or as involved as running a full-blown campaign across different platforms and mediums - choose what’s right for your event and your company.
  8. Have a plan for post production - Whether your event is a one-time thing or you’re planning on hosting the same event in the future, planning out what your company will need after the event is almost as important as the event itself. Post production can include marketing videos, event recaps, and even future-event teasers. Keeping in mind what your goals are after the event can help you plan what materials and recordings you’ll need to obtain during your event. Also consider if you’ll be looking to live stream your event - this often involves some sort of pre-planning for either the venue or your AV company.

Knowing these key success indicators allows us to not only create an aesthetically pleasing event, but an impactful delivery that moves people into action. Reach out today to hear more about how Catalyst can help you plan your best event ever.

We want to help produce your event! Give us a call or send us an email at info@thecatalystcompanies.com - we’re ready to get started!

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