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We’re Catalyst, the audio visual company that’s here to take the stress out of your event. As a full service live event production company, we handle everything from the sound to the lighting to the stage design. With headquarters in Dallas, we're strategically located to serve you. We’ll show you how easy and fun event production is when you partner with the right team.

Sure, there’s tons of other AV companies in Dallas. But they’re not us. We’re visual storytellers who bring energy, creativity, and vision to every project. Here’s some reasons our customers love us:

We Own Our Equipment 

Forget about third-party rental fees. Our top-tier gear is owned and maintained by us, and stored in our Dallas warehouse, located perfectly for events in Dallas.

We’re True Experts

Years in the business means we know how to make your event stand out. We’ve produced hundreds of events all over the world. Check out our past events and client endorsements.

We Meet You Where You’re At

Whether you're stateside or overseas, we've got you covered. Our headquarters are in Dallas and Los Angeles, so we can get anywhere in the US within a few days. International? No problem, just give us some lead time and we come to you. We’ve produced 17 international events, and counting. 

Types of Events We Do

Have an event coming up? We’ve likely already produced something similar. Check out the types of events we do below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out for a consultation.

Corporate Events 

Your brand's reputation is paramount. We ensure your corporate events reflect professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.


From sound clarity to visual aids, we guarantee your seminar's message is delivered seamlessly, ensuring maximum engagement.

Sales Kick Offs 

Marking the beginning of a sales period, sales kick-offs aim to motivate the team and outline strategies. With our AV solutions, we set the stage for an impactful and energizing event.

Trade Shows

At these large industry events, companies showcase their latest products or services. With our top-tier equipment and expertise, your booth or presentation will be the highlight, attracting potential clients, partners, and peers.

Town Halls

Facilitate open communication within your company’s town halls. We ensure every voice is heard and seen, making town halls interactive and inclusive for every employee.


Similar to trade shows but often open to the general public, expos let businesses display their offerings. Showcase with confidence as our AV services ensure your products and services shine.

General Sessions

The main events or keynotes at conferences or conventions, these sessions address all attendees. We handle the tech, ensuring your general sessions run smoothly and resonate with everyone present.


Smaller, interactive sessions within larger events, breakouts allow for deeper dives into specific topics. We ensure clarity and encourage participation, fostering focused discussions.


Blending education with entertainment, "edutainment" engages attendees while imparting knowledge. We craft an atmosphere where learning is not just informative but also fun.

Interactive Virtual

Online events that go beyond traditional webinars, incorporating real-time interactions like polls and chats. We elevate these virtual events, ensuring active participation from remote attendees.

Hybrid Live / Virtual

The best of both worlds. We seamlessly integrate live and virtual elements, offering a unified experience for all attendees, wherever they are.

Live Streams

Broadcast without boundaries. With our expertise, your live stream reaches a global audience with impeccable audio and visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of AV equipment does Catalyst own?

We own everything you’d possibly need to put on an event. Sound, lighting, video, cameras, we have it all. We warehouse all of our equipment to give you the best value possible.

How does Catalyst ensure high-quality audio and visuals?

We own our state-of-the-art equipment and have years of expertise in the field. This combination allows us to deliver high-quality audio and visuals for every event.

Can Catalyst handle international events?

Yes! We’ve produced events in over 17 countries and can provide services on a global scale.

What types of events can benefit from Catalyst's AV services?

Catalyst specializes in a wide range of events, including corporate events, seminars, sales kick-offs, trade shows, town halls, expos, general sessions, breakouts, "edutainment," interactive virtual events, hybrid live/virtual events, and livestreams.

What backup plans are in place for technical issues?

We conduct thorough pre-event checks and have backup equipment on-site. Our team is trained to quickly troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues that may arise. We have back ups on site for any mission critical pieces of the AV equipment. We also have expert technicians on site at every event to troubleshoot potential issues and fix them quickly. Things happen, but we know how to fix and pivot in any situation.

How early should I book Catalyst's AV services for my event?

The earlier, the better! We believe in early involvement in the planning process to fully understand your needs and integrate seamlessly with your event strategy.

What pre-event services does Catalyst offer?

Whatever you need! We shoot promo videos, testimonials, and other marketing materials.

We can also shoot onsite highlight videos to play at your event. Attendee testimonials capture and heighten the excitement of the event .

What post-production services does Catalyst offer?

We help you get the most of your event footage by providing materials you can use after the fact. From sizzle videos to social media reels, we do it all. 

How much does Catalyst's AV service cost?

It depends on the event type, but reach out for a quote for your specific event! We work with all types of budgets, from the single digits to seven figures. We’re flexible and can cater to your needs.

We want to help produce your Dallas event! Give us a call or send us an email at info@thecatalystcompanies.com - we’re ready to get started!

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